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LDS 29 Language Scriptures

5.99 usd

Missionary Solutions has finally brought the complete SideBySide scripture studying experience to Android! With the LDS 29 Language Scriptures, you can study the scriptures SideBySide in any combination of the following languages:中文 - Triple combination한국어 - Triple combinationBahasa Indonesia - Triple combinationSuomi - Triple combination and select conference talksNederlands - Triple combinationIcelandic - Triple combinationItaliano - Triple combination and select conference talksРусский - Triple combinationSvenska - Triple combinationGagana Samoa - Triple combinationČesky - Triple combinationDansk - Triple combinationEnglish - Full quad and select conference talksNorsk - Triple combinationภาษาไทย - Triple combinationCebuano - Triple combinationDeutsch - Full quad and select conference talksTiếng Việt - Triple combinationRomână - romanian - Triple combinationEspañol - Full quad and select conference talksFrançais - Full quad and select conference talksУкраїнська - Triple combinationTagalog - Triple combinationPortuguês - Full quad and select conference talksFaka-Tonga - Triple combination日本語 - Triple combinationМонгол - Triple combinationالعربية - Bible only
All of these languages are included in this one app!
By simply tapping on a verse, you can easily record notes, highlight verses you like, and make bookmarks. We have also made it very easy to share scriptures with friends and family straight from our app.
*** Due to some technical limitations, we were not able to push out this new app to users who may have purchased our older version. If you are interested in purchasing this app, and you have purchased one or more of our other multi-language app offerings, please send us an email and we will refund your money for the previous purchase. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to can upgrade to this much better offering. ***